An Inclusive Connected Community

Our goal is to make Thunder Bay an inclusive, connected community through

  • Inclusive Communities
  • Vibrant Neighbourhoods
  • Strong Relationships
  • Accessible Communities

A Community Free From Poverty

Lets make Thunder Bay a community free from the effects of poverty through

  • Adequate Support Services
  • Access to Healthy Food
  • Access to Appropriate Housing
  • Accessible Communities

A Prosperous Vibrant Economy

We can help build a sustainable, prosperous, & vibrant economy through

  • Accessible Employment Support Services
  • A Diversified Economy

Our Shared Vision

Thunder Bay Counts has been working to understand the hopes and aspirations of community members as well as their concerns and challenges.

Thunder Bay Counts is a community initiative and requires collaboration between all the groups working towards achieving established goals.

Community engagement is paramount. Tell us about your aspirations for Thunder Bay’s future. Tell us about initiatives you’re involved in to make those hopes a reality.

Thunder Bay Counts belongs to the people of Thunder Bay and our successes will be shared and celebrated with our community.

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Community Initiatives

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If you are interested in downloading and reading or distributing an overview of the Thunder Bay Counts Shared Agenda initiative or the detailed Indicators Report click below. 

Community Data

Thunder Bay Counts collects and maintains a library of data from several organizations that are related to each set of goals.