This is Who we Are

Thunder Bay Counts has been working to understand the hopes and aspirations of community members as well as their concerns and challenges

Thunder Bay Counts is a community initiative and requires collaboration between all the groups working towards achieving established goals.

Community engagement is paramount. Tell us about your aspirations for Thunder Bay’s future. Tell us about initiatives you’re involved in to make those hopes a reality.

Thunder Bay Counts belongs to the people of Thunder Bay and our successes will be shared and celebrated with our community.

Thunder Bay Counts Reports

Following consultation with a broad cross section of the community, an Overview Report was prepared. This report provides a great visual of how the shared agenda, goals and priorities all come together to support community action.

The Thunder Bay Counts Round Table

The Thunder Bay Counts Round Table consists of community leaders who represent a diverse cross section of organizations and community strategies. The Round Table has a collective focus on achieving Thunder Bay Counts’ shared vision for change. Its Members bring to the table strategic assets such as: community knowledge and history from within their sector; credibility to the collaborative effort; and, connections to broaden the network of organizations and agencies who will work towards the shared vision for change.