An Inclusive, Connected Community

Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Building stronger, safer, and more welcoming neighbourhoods is one important way to create a community that is inclusive and connected.

Inclusive Communities

An inclusive community is a place where organizations reach out to their existing and potential clients, as well as family members, volunteers and community residents.

Strong Relationships

Valuing and celebrating diversity, building strong working relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations, and teaching youth about culture become barriers to racism.

Accessible Communities

Creating more walk-able communities, improving bike paths, improving transit, and bringing services closer to where people live fosters mobility.

Community Goal

People who are included and connected to their community are healthier and happier

An inclusive community is one where all people are honoured and included regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or income.  A connected community is one where all people can get the help they need, find opportunities to contribute, or simply get where they need to go.