A Community Free From the Effects of Poverty

Adequate Support Services

Adequate support services must be available to assist people in developing healthy strategies to cope with their challenges.

Access to Healthy Food

Strengthening existing programs, increasing the purchase and use of local foods, and improving the storage and transportation of food all lead to better access to healthy food.

Access to Housing

A range of housing options need to be in place that include the needs of people with disabilities, seniors, people living with addictions or mental illnesses, and Aboriginal people from northern communities.

Accessible Communities

Creating more walk-able communities, improving bike paths, improving transit, and bringing services closer to where people live fosters mobility.

Community Goal

People should be part of a community free from the effects of poverty

Poverty is not just about income. Poverty is about inequality and exclusion. New Canadians, lone-parent families, youth, Aboriginal peoples, women, racialized peoples, and individuals with mental health issues and disabilities are more likely to live in poverty.