Adequate Support Services

Services and Support Programs that are Accessible and Responsive to Community Needs

People who live in poverty often face complex challenges and need support in order to move toward their goals. It is often hard for them to get assistance because of long wait lists, narrow eligibility criteria, or lack of services. Many times people don’t feel comfortable asking for help because of the fear of discrimination and the lack of cultural understanding by some.

While this challenge exists in various areas, services for people with mental health issues and addictions are of a particular concern. Lack of support can leave people using unhealthy strategies to cope with their challenges. Appropriate services need to be in place to fight poverty and related physical and mental health issues. These should be readily accessible and promoted throughout the community.

The Benefits for People

When Thunder Bay has services and supports that are accessible:

– People live with dignity.
– People know they belong.
– People can get the help they need.

Community Initiatives

Community Data